Giammarco Puntelli, a Pnl coach and Ekis personal coach, is also director of an experimental project in Umbria in collaboration with Catia Monacelli, composer Andrea Duranti, the Academy of Torre di Carrara and Aion Arte

At the same time, with Art Project, he directs the Veneto Biennial of contemporary art. Events at Casa del Mantegna in Mantua and the exhibition dedicated to Sassu in Brianza are curated by him. He is also planning events in Rome with the musicians Stefano Duranti and Andrea Duranti. Now, for Expo in Città, opens “L’arte e il tempo“ conceived by Giulia Sillato and directed by her and Giammarco Puntelli. A volcanic personality, he is simultaneously working on 2 exhibitions to open in 2016.
So, Giammarco, let’s talk about your upcoming shows.
The first, “Il Labirinto dell’Ipnotista” takes off from the need for an art that can bring out the hidden part of ourselves, bringing the dark and light in every human being into dialogue. This will stimulate artists to overcome their limitations creating works that display even the dark days they have known and continue to experience. The other is a show entitled “Sky Fallen” with an international scope. It proposes a dialogue among artists that crosses the borders of time. Painting, sculpture and conceptual art in an encounter with distilled words of poets and writers in a subtle equilibrium between the painted word and the written one.